A community of business owners dedicated to reclaiming time, achieving peak personal performance and productivity, while also living a life they love!


Do you want your life back and still be able to grow a thriving business?


Day after day you're probably working endless hours just to keep your business afloat, but at what cost?

It might feel like you're caught in a stormy sea with waves of work and life crashing down all around you. Barely breathing some days, drowning on others.

Perhaps you’re making good money but are frustrated because you have no life, other than work, and can't seem to get to the next level. That next 100K, quarter million, or million remains elusive to you and it's killing you trying to get it. Did you think you’d be enjoying your work more than you are? You probably thought things would be different by now, right?

Maybe you’re overwhelmed by having to take on so many roles you really don’t like, but have to be done, and hate going to work everyday. Perhaps you’ve convinced yourself to stay the course and once your business hits a certain target then you’ll be able change things. But that day just never comes, does it?

Maybe you’ve fallen into the trap of making your work and money your sole focus and are increasingly disillusioned because you see your health and well being sliding downhill. Then again maybe your sole focus on work has your spouse or kids growing further from you and you cannot see a way out.

Whatever waves are crashing down on you causing you to feel trapped, stressed, imbalanced and burning out, please know that you are not alone with the challenges you face.

We all want the freedom to live our best life and to continue to grow a thriving business and earn good money while doing so. But before it’s yours, you have to discover solutions to problems like these...

✔️  How to gain control over your schedule and your life

✔️  How to reclaim time

✔️  How to be clear of your direction, vision, and purpose at work and home

 ✔️  How to ensure you don't miss the most important moments in your kids lives

✔️  How to set boundaries and keep them

✔️  How to consistently fit exercise, healthy eating, and quality sleep into your day

✔️  How to nurture your relationship with your spouse

✔️  How to wind down properly

✔️  How to stop procrastinating

✔️  How to take fully present vacations

✔️  How to be there for your ageing parents

✔️  How to say NO

✔️  How to prioritize the things that matter most at work and at home

✔️ How to be the best version of you

How do you shift from drowning  to riding each wave you face to the calmer waters of your ideal life?

If you attempt to do it alone, you will fail.

There are simply too many forces acting against you. Thousands of external forces impact you, sometimes very subtly, every day and that could include the people closest to you. There are even more powerful forces acting deep within you… constantly!

Both continue to pull you back into the stormy seas of overwork and overwhelm that lead you here in the first place. You will repeat your history over and over again… unless you do things differently.


Introducing ONE WAVE GLOBAL!

A community of people committed to creating the freedom to experience our ideal lives where we can thrive as our best version of ourselves every day!

We are accepting new members now.

Whether you are just getting underway in your working life, are fully immersed, or are looking ahead to "retirement" and what will come next, One Wave Global, is the support network you need.


What's Inside ONE WAVE GLOBAL?

The One Wave Global Community provides education, professional support and peer mentorship to help you attain the freedom to live, work, and earn as you want. Our system for creating change, achieving, and living your version of The One Wave Lifestyle includes a uniquely designed multi-pronged platform. You can connect, collaborate, ask questions, learn, hear success stories, get tips and strategies that work, and just be among other people who face the same struggles as you and are on their path of living their best lives.

Our community is diverse, but we are all connected by our shared goal of having the freedom to live our ideal lives while continuing to have a thriving work life that we love!

These 4 component areas form the full One Wave Global Membership.

The Wave Café

Our private "Facebook-like" space where you can interact with like visioned global members.

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Wave Theory Coaching

Our monthly coaching with Brent where you can receive live support on your challenges.

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Wave Mastery

Our podcast interviews with industry experts to teach you skills in all 7 Waves of Real Success.

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The One Wave Academy

Our learning platform to teach our system of achieving and living with freedom.

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Don't Get Lost In A Crowd

We’re a small community where everyone knows your name, respects your needs, and wants to see you experience real success as much as they want it for themselves. Thanks to our powerful and easy to use platform, you will connect quickly and easily with other members who are eager to support and help you grow, along with Brent Haydey, your Ideal Life Architect.

Instant support at your finger tips.

Work-Life Harmony


Hi, I'm Brent, your Ideal Life Architect. I'm a family man with a business, not the other way around, and I'm living my ideal life every day because of it!

I'm looking forward to helping you create and experience the One Wave Lifestyle that's ideal for you.

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What Our Members Have To Say

Thais M

"Not only was it my best financial year in the past 14, but my personal life has soared."

Linda K

"With Brent's gentle and inspiring style I am making a life, not just a living!"

Kevin M

"I am now better able to handle the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur."

Samantha T

"I am on a path to become truly free."

Gerhardt K

"I've cut down stress and can focus on what really matters."

Karen C

"I get focused and re-energized in our group coaching sessions."

One Wave Global Member

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  • The One Wave Academy
  • The Wave Café
  • Wave Theory Group Coaching
  • Wave Mastery Podcast

Your Freedom Awaits!

With peer mentorship and coaching support you will establish vision and direction, reclaim time, and achieve new heights of personal performance and productivity working on the truly important things.

You will thrive at work while also fully embracing and living a life you love!

That is The One Wave Lifestyle.

Become a Founding Member of One Wave Global for a special price of only $29.97 USD/month.

There will only be a limited number available so act now to secure your spot. Once gone the price will return to the usual $49.97 USD/Month.

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Find out more about our community and each of the component areas of the One Wave Global Membership by clicking on the plus sign in each box below. If you still have questions feel free to contact us with the link in the navigation bar above.

If you sign up and decide it's not for you then you are free to unsubscribe at any time. We're confident that once you fully immerse yourself in our powerful platform of learning and mutually collaborative support that you'll want to stay.

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