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Do you want your life back while still excelling with the work you love?


Day after day you're probably working endless hours to keep your business or your career afloat, but at what cost?

Perhaps you’re making lots of money but are frustrated because you have no life, other than work. Did you think you’d be enjoying your work more than you are? You probably thought things would be different by now, right?

Maybe you’re overwhelmed by having to take on so many roles you really don’t like and hate going to work everyday. Perhaps you’ve convinced yourself to stay the course and once your business or career hits a certain target then you’ll be able change things. But that day just never comes, does it?

Maybe you’ve fallen into the trap of making your business or career and making money your sole focus and are increasingly disillusioned because you see your health and well being sliding downhill. Then again maybe your sole focus on work has your spouse or kids growing further from you and you cannot see a way out.

Whatever it is that has you trapped, stressed, imbalanced and burning out, please know that you are not alone with the challenges you face.

We all want the freedom to live our best life. But before it’s yours, you have to discover solutions to problems like these...

✔️  How to gain control over your schedule

 ✔️  How to ensure you don't miss the most important moments in your kids lives

✔️  How to set boundaries and keep them

✔️  How to consistently fit exercise, healthy eating, and quality sleep into your day

✔️  How to nurture your relationship with your spouse

✔️  How to wind down properly

✔️  How to stop procrastinating

✔️  How to take fully present vacations

✔️  How to be there for your ageing parents

✔️  How to focus on the things that matter most at work and at home

✔️ How to be the best version of you

How do you transition from stuck and uncertain of how to change your circumstance to living your dream and having the thriving work life you love?

If you attempt to do it alone, you will fail.

There are simply too many forces acting against you. Thousands of external forces impact you, sometimes very subtly, every day and that could include the people closest to you. There are even more powerful forces acting deep within you… constantly!

Both continue to pull you back into the trap of overwork and overwhelm that lead you here in the first place. You will repeat your history over and over again… unless you do things differently.


You're not the first person to struggle

The path of the work-first focused person tends to be a lonely one. Your friends, family, neighbours, and maybe even your spouse don’t quite understand your mindset and the things you face day to day.

The risks taken, decisions to make, and responsibilities to handle are just different. You are different. That can leave you feeling like you’ve got nobody to turn to and if you did, their fears and objections would likely counteract everything important to you.

Looking within your working world likely has not led to the support you really need either. You’ve probably learned to not let your guard down or appear vulnerable or weak to competitors, clients, employees, business partners, or even your family.

So it’s not surprising that when the first signs of stress or overwhelm come up your tendency is to keep it all in, figure it out yourself, and push those close to you away.

As you can see that lonely entrepreneurial space comes quite naturally.

Unfortunately all it does is leave you, once again, to be heavily influenced by your inner voice and thousands of external influences. The same ones that led you to be stuck and overwhelmed in the first place. Once again they’re telling you to work longer, work harder, and stay the course. 

Success is just around the corner and there will be time to be happy and have a life once you arrive.

Beware! It’s the perpetual trap that so many entrepreneurs cannot escape from on their own.

This existence is one that we all face. So if that’s true then how do some come to break free from it and actually thrive and experience the real success they’re looking for?

Many others have done it. They’ve created massive change in their world and now experience the freedom they need to live the life of their dreams. So can you!

You’ve already taken the first step. You’ve begun to awaken to the unsustainable path that you are on. That has led you here. Believing that another path is possible is your next step. I don’t think you would have read this far if you didn’t have some level of belief already.

But there’s one, real difference maker. Something that will keep you moving forward along this new path and be there to help when you want to give up and return to your old ways.

The difference maker is…


Other People On The Same Path As You! 


The powerful step that business owners experiencing real success take is to surround themselves with like minded business owners. People who are on the same path as you. Those who get you, understand the struggles you face and the barriers in your way.

A community of entrepreneurs where you feel at ease and safe, with an immediate sense of belonging. These are fellow business owners who can become friends, colleagues, and even business associates.

This is your entrepreneurial family!

Entrepreneurs who share similar core values to you. Ones who want to live their best life. Those who also want to grow a thriving business that they love.

It’s a place where you’ll feel at home to be vulnerable, open, and completely truthful about anything going on in your world.

It’s a community where you’ll feel safe to ask the questions you think about all day long and have discussions about many business and life related topics, including each of the 7 Pillars of Real Success, because your entrepreneurial family has the same ones and have dealt with the same concerns. Here is where you can seek advice and receive tips, strategies and tools that others have succeeded with.



It’s a community of people who have experienced things you haven’t. Some have knowledge that you don’t. They will be in a position to support, guide, and mentor you along your path. By connecting with them to leverage their knowledge, insight, experiences, strategies, and tools, you will accelerate your process of change exponentially compared to trying to do it alone. At the same time you’ll be in a similar position to help others.

This is a community of mutually collaborative benefit. This is a place you can grow and live more and more of your ideal life with each passing day. Together we’ll experience the real success that matters in each of our lives.

This is the secret behind those that have created and are fully experiencing the ideal life they love and the business they truly want.

As an entrepreneur you’ll never be alone again!

Introducing ONE WAVE GLOBAL!

A community of people committed to creating the freedom to experience our ideal lives where we can thrive as our best version of ourselves every day!

We are accepting new members now.

Whether you are just getting underway in your working life, are fully immersed, or are looking ahead to "retirement" and what will come next, One Wave Global, is the support network you need.


What's Inside ONE WAVE GLOBAL?

One Wave Global is a community that provides education, professional support and mentorship, along with powerful tools to help you attain freedom to live as you want. It includes a multi-pronged platform where you can connect, collaborate, ask questions, hear success stories, get tips and strategies that work, and just be among other people who face the same struggles as you and are on their path of living their best lives.

Our community is diverse, but we are connected by our shared goal of living our ideal lives while continuing to have a thriving work life that we love!

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Hi, I'm Brent, your Ideal Life Architect. I'm a family man with a business, not the other way around, and I'm living my ideal life every day because of it!

I'm looking forward to helping you create and experience the One Wave Lifestyle that's ideal for you.

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Our online educational system, One Wave Academy, is currently being developed. The course, How To Get Your Life Back, will be the first to be launched. Contact Brent for further information or to be added to a list for notification as soon as the course is available.