26. Unlocking People Dynamics: A Deep Dive into the DISC System

Understand DISC And Deepen Your Relationships At Work and Home

Do you ever wonder why people don't seem to get you and where you are coming from? Do you wonder why they don't respond in a way that seems to make perfect sense to you? Perhaps they have a different primary behavioural and communication style than you.

Improve your understanding of the most important people in your world, including yourself, and you'll experience less stress, deeper connection, increased productivity and results, and greater happiness. That, of course, adds to your ability to create and live with work-life balance.

Listen in as Shelley Tobin from Hire Growth Consulting and I discuss the DISC behavioural and communication system. Learn how you can understand each of the 4 different styles, know your prominent one, and be better able to communicate with all people, whether at work or at home towards greater success, better results and a happier interpersonal dynamic with your important people.

Contact Shelley If you enjoy this episode and would like explore learning about your own style or that of your team, visit https://hiregrowthconsulting.com for currently available programs or reach out to Shelley at [email protected].

The One Wave Global Community

Consider joining The One Wave Global Community and dive even deeper into DISC. Shelley and I created a 4 part series for members exploring each of the 4 DISC profiles at greater depth. She provided some powerful insight on how to most effectively communicate for greater work results as well as increased happiness at home. We even had some fun identifying celebrities in each profile.

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